LEONELLO, Giuseppe (male)
FatherUnknownLEONELLO, Eugenio
MotherUnknownCUTRI, Maria
Birth17 Jun 1949,,,Italy

MICHIE, Heather Joan (female)
Father21 Sep 1917MICHIE, Alec Maxwell
Mother5 Jul 1928FOGARTY, Margaret Lorraine
Birth21 Sep 1950,,Victoria,Australia

Family of LEONELLO, Giuseppe & MICHIE, Heather Joan
Marriage16 Jul 1977,,Victoria,Australia
Boy24 Jan 1979LEONELLO, Eugenio
Boy26 Sep 1981LEONELLO, Alec

LEONELLO, Eugenio (male)
Father1873LEONELLO, Giuseppe
Mother1879SCANTONIO, Teresa Francis

CUTRI, Maria (female)

Family of LEONELLO, Eugenio & CUTRI, Maria
BoyUnknownLEONELLO, Baby
GirlUnknownLEONELLO, Teresa
Boy17 Jun 1949LEONELLO, Giuseppe

LEONELLO, Teresa (female)
FatherUnknownLEONELLO, Eugenio
MotherUnknownCUTRI, Maria

DE_STEFANIS, Dominic (male)

Family of LEONELLO, Teresa & DE_STEFANIS, Dominic
BoyUnknownDE_STEFANIS, Adrian
GirlUnknownDE_STEFANIS, Louise

LEONELLO, Giacchino (male)

VELARDI, Rosaria (female)

Family of LEONELLO, Giacchino & VELARDI, Rosaria
Boy1873LEONELLO, Giuseppe

LEONELLO, Giuseppe (male)
FatherUnknownLEONELLO, Giacchino
MotherUnknownVELARDI, Rosaria
Birth1873,Sinopoli,Reggio Calabria,Italy

SCANTONIO, Teresa Francis (female)
Birth1879,Sinopoli,Reggio Calabria,Italy

Family of LEONELLO, Giuseppe & SCANTONIO, Teresa Francis
MarriageUnknown,,Reggio Calabria,Italy
BoyUnknownLEONELLO, Eugenio

LEONELLO, Giuseppe (male)

LABBOZZETTA, Angela (female)

Family of LEONELLO, Giuseppe & LABBOZZETTA, Angela
GirlUnknownLEONELLO, Teresa
BoyUnknownLEONELLO, Giuseppe

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