MAIBANI, Gerald Tsimulai (Reverend) (male)
FatherUnknownMAIBANI, Cryking
MotherUnknownUAMARI, Bridget
Birth28 Dec 1911Wamira,Rabaraba,Milne Bay Provin,Papua New Guinea
ChristeningUnknown,,,Papua New Guinea

WAIDIDKA, Lydia Inagereia (female)
FatherUnknownWAIDIDKA, Jetro
MotherUnknownINAJIKELANAI, Alice
Birth1921,Wamira,Milne Bay Prov,Papua New Guinea

Family of MAIBANI, Gerald Tsimulai (Reverend) & WAIDIDKA, Lydia Inagereia
MarriageUnknown,,,Papua New Guinea
BoyUnknownMAIBANI, Randol
BoyUnknownMAIBANI, Conrad Ogisi
BoyUnknownMAIBANI, Alwyn Ideboi
Girl25 Jul 1950MAIBANI, Eugenia
Girl1 Nov 1952MAIBANI, Eunice Inajikelanai
GirlAbout 1954MAIBANI, Penelope Warumonei
Boy13 Jun 1957MAIBANI, Gerald Sharp Kamusa
Girl5 Feb 1960MAIBANI, Geraldine
Boy27 Sep 1963MAIBANI, Chrysostom
Girl24 Jun 1965MAIBANI, Joyce Inagereia

MAIBANI, Eugenia (female)
Father28 Dec 1911MAIBANI, Gerald Tsimulai (Reverend)
Mother1921WAIDIDKA, Lydia Inagereia
Birth25 Jul 1950Wamira,Rabaraba,Milne Bay Provin,Papua New Guinea

ZEBULON, Kwevekabutu (male)
Birth9 Dec 1951Tukwaukwa Vil,Losuia,Trobriands,Papua New Guinea

MAIBANI, Cryking (male)
MotherUnknownDAMORELA, Olivia

UAMARI, Bridget (female)

Family of MAIBANI, Cryking & UAMARI, Bridget
BoyUnknownMAIBANI, Gladstone Labusiwa
GirlUnknownMAIBANI, Alice Maud
GirlUnknownMAIBANI, Violet Kivirua
Boy28 Dec 1911MAIBANI, Gerald Tsimulai (Reverend)
BoyDec 1924MAIBANI, Belammy Wapi

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