MICHIE, Phillis Margaret (female)
Father8 Mar 1876MICHIE, John William
Mother26 Dec 1890REDDICK, Frances Clara
Birth20 Oct 1915Unknown

ALLMAND, John (Jack) (male)
Birth1 Nov 1909Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Family of MICHIE, Phillis Margaret & ALLMAND, John (Jack)
Marriage17 Feb 1940Carlton,Victoria,Australia
Girl1 Jun 1943ALLMAND, Elwyn June
Girl29 Jul 1947ALLMAND, Marion Kaye

MICHIE, Hazel Frances (female)
Father8 Mar 1876MICHIE, John William
Mother26 Dec 1890REDDICK, Frances Clara
Birth11 Oct 1912Unknown

BUCKINGHAM, Owen (male)

Family of MICHIE, Hazel Frances & BUCKINGHAM, Owen
Boy4 Oct 1938BUCKINGHAM, Stuart
Girl4 Apr 1940BUCKINGHAM, Wendy
Boy21 Jul 1946BUCKINGHAM, Sonny Emberson
Boy4 Jul 1948BUCKINGHAM, Norman

MICHIE, William (male)
Father1720MICHIE, William
Mother1729MORRISON, Jean
Birth3 Oct 1758Strathdon,,,Scotland

DOWNIE_(DAUNEY), Jean (female)

Family of MICHIE, William & DOWNIE_(DAUNEY), Jean
Marriage25 Apr 1790Strathdon,,,Scotland
GirlMar 1791MICHIE, Anne
Girl11 May 1793MICHIE, Christine
Boy9 Jun 1795MICHIE, Robert
Boy28 Jun 1797MICHIE, John
Boy6 Jun 1798MICHIE, Charles
BoyAug 1800MICHIE, William
GirlAbout 1804MICHIE, Jean
GirlAbout 1806MICHIE, Mary

MICHIE, Charles (male)
Father3 Oct 1758MICHIE, William
Mother1766DOWNIE_(DAUNEY), Jean
Birth6 Jun 1798Colquhanny,Strathdon,Aberdeenshire,Scotland
Christening6 Jun 1798,,Strathdon,Scotland

MCHARDY, Isabella (Isobel) (female)
FatherUnknownMCHARDY, William
MotherUnknownKELLAS,31 Decet
BirthAbout 1802,Corgarff,Aberdeenshire,Scotland

Family of MICHIE, Charles & MCHARDY, Isabella (Isobel)
Boy11 Jan 1829MICHIE, William
Boy21 Oct 1830MICHIE, John
Boy29 Sep 1833MICHIE, Charles
Boy30 Aug 1835MICHIE, George
Girl21 Jun 1838MICHIE, Jean (Jane)
Girl21 Apr 1840MICHIE, Isobel
Girl4 Jun 1842MICHIE, Annie

MICHIE, Annie (female)
Father21 Oct 1830MICHIE, John
Mother11 Jan 1843EDMONSTON,31 Dece
Birth20 Oct 1866,,Victoria,Australia

Family of MICHIE, Annie
Girl23 Apr 1887MICHIE, Rosamond

MICHIE, Mary (female)
Father3 Oct 1758MICHIE, William
Mother1766DOWNIE_(DAUNEY), Jean
BirthAbout 1806Unknown
Christening21 May 1806Unknown

CALLUM, Peter (male)

Family of MICHIE, Mary & CALLUM, Peter
Marriage7 Nov 1830,,Strathdon,Scotland
BoyJan 1832CALLUM, Peter
GirlFeb 1834CALLUM, Jean

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