REDDICK, William John (male)
Father6 Jun 1819REDDICK, William
MotherUnknownSHERLOCK, Ellen Mary
Birth8 Aug 1857Paramatta,NSW,Australia

KEELAN, Frances Cecilia (female)
FatherUnknownKEELAN, Edward Michael
MotherUnknownMCINTYRE, Bridget
Birth2 Jan 1862,Woodend,Victoria,Australia

Family of REDDICK, William John & KEELAN, Frances Cecilia
Marriage8 Dec 1880,Kyneton,Victoria
GirlAug 1880REDDICK, Agnes Ellen
Girl1881REDDICK, Emily Cecilia
Boy11 Aug 1884REDDICK, William George
Boy6 Apr 1888REDDICK, Albert Edward
Girl26 Dec 1890REDDICK, Frances Clara
Girl4 Dec 1895REDDICK, Stella Hazel
BoyJul 1898REDDICK, Alexander John
BoyJun 1903REDDICK, Leslie Norman

REDDICK, William (male)
Father21 Sep 1799REDDICK, George
Mother26 Sep 1801HOLDER,31 Dece
Birth6 Jun 1819Old Windsor,,England,United Kingdom

SHERLOCK, Ellen Mary (female)

Family of REDDICK, William & SHERLOCK, Ellen Mary
Marriage17 Feb 1848St Mary Magdolin,Anglican Church,NSW,Australia
Boy4 Nov 1848REDDICK, George
Girl24 Jan 1851REDDICK,31 Dece
Girl19 Mar 1853REDDICK, Eliza
Boy24 May 1855REDDICK, Thomas Henry
Boy8 Aug 1857REDDICK, William John
Boy1859REDDICK, Patrick
Boy1860REDDICK, Fredrick
Girl1865REDDICK, Mary

REDDICK, George (male)
Father1774REDDICK, Thomas
MotherAbout 1777SHORTER, Rebecca
Birth21 Sep 1799Old Windsor,Thorpe Parish,England,United Kingdom

HOLDER,31 Dece (female)
FatherAbout 1770HOLDER, Richard
MotherAbout 1774GODFREY,31 Dece
Birth26 Sep 1801Thorpe Parish,Surrey,England
Christening18 Oct 1801,,England,United Kingdom

Family of REDDICK, George & HOLDER,31 Dece
Boy6 Jun 1819REDDICK, William

REDDICK, Thomas (male)

SHORTER, Rebecca (female)
BirthAbout 1777Unknown

Family of REDDICK, Thomas & SHORTER, Rebecca
Boy21 Sep 1799REDDICK, George
Boy20 Oct 1802REDDICK, John
Boy17 Feb 1805REDDICK, William
Girl1 Feb 1807REDDICK, Mary Ann
Girl2 Apr 1809REDDICK,31 Dece
Girl27 Jan 1811REDDICK, Milli
Boy24 Jan 1813REDDICK, James
Girl5 Mar 1815REDDICK, Elizabeth
Girl6 Apr 1817REDDICK, Catherine
Boy21 Mar 1819REDDICK, Henry
Girl8 Apr 1821REDDICK, Eliza

REDDICK, George (male)
Father6 Jun 1819REDDICK, William
MotherUnknownSHERLOCK, Ellen Mary
Birth4 Nov 1848,,NSW,Australia

EAST, Eliza Anne (female)
Birth1851,,South Australia,Australia

Family of REDDICK, George & EAST, Eliza Anne
Marriage24 Dec 1870,Sydney
Girl1871REDDICK, Eliza
Boy1871REDDICK, George
Boy26 Sep 1872REDDICK, William Henry
Girl6 Feb 1875REDDICK, Louisa Acton
Girl1877REDDICK, Ellen May
Girl11 Jun 1878REDDICK, Anne Frances
Boy24 Jan 1881REDDICK, Herbert Harris
Boy13 Dec 1883REDDICK, Charles Albert
Boy9 Jan 1885REDDICK, James Francis
Girl21 Mar 1887REDDICK, Helena Evelyn
Girl6 Jun 1890REDDICK, Flora Ethel
Boy16 Aug 1892REDDICK, George Gorden

REDDICK, William George (male)
Father8 Aug 1857REDDICK, William John
Mother2 Jan 1862KEELAN, Frances Cecilia
Birth11 Aug 1884Unknown

KIRBY, Mainie May (female)
Birth10 May 1901Unknown

Family of REDDICK, William George & KIRBY, Mainie May

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