Trevor Michie's family tree
(via Papua New Guinea, Australia and Scotland)
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Tropical Paradise

Welcome to my family tree / genealogy pages.

Michie family circa 1960

I have two separate areas dealing with my family tree.

The main area can be found at  The Family Matters generated site is a frames site but is viewable without frames. These pages exclude people who I have very little information on.

The second area can be found at  This is a summary of most of the Surnames that I have come across in my research. Some of the names have very little information attached to them. Others have more information and some even have photographs of the people listed.

Feel free to browse through both areas and if you have any comments / suggestions or even better still information on any members of this family tree then please send email to me

Summary of pages dealing with my family tree



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Created 4 Nov, 1998
Updated 4 May, 2016

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