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I hope you enjoy your look around this web-site, especially if your surname just happens to be MICHIE. (or any of the other names mentioned here)

Family Tree InfoUpdated(26 July 2002)

The idea of identity theft may seem a bit farfetched, but in this age of technology it is becoming an increasing concern. All it takes in the USA to open a bank or credit card account are a name, a birth date, and a mother's maiden name. Therefore, in the interests of individual privacy and in accordance with guidelines issued by online genealogists, no information regarding or impacting living members of the family is published here.

This information has been extensively updated with information obtained from Neville Price in New Zealand.

Whilst I am giving thanks to Neville for his contribution I must also thank Sheilah Birnie in Scotland who put me on to Neville in the first place. Having met Sheilah personally I can assure you that she is an asset to the Michie family.

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