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2015 Alpine Rally

This year I had a leisurely trip on Friday from where I live to overnight in Albury just over the border in New South Wales. The weather was good all the way and the bike didn't miss a beat.  Fortunately Albury being just over 300 kms away was well within the fuel range of the tank so did not need to make any stops.  Just on 7am the next day (Saturday) my son Gado arrived after leaving at around 3:30am on his S1000RR which proved to be very capable on the dirt and going up hill in the mud, slush and grass at the Rally Site

The 47th Alpine Rally was held at "Tinut" at Brindabella on the eastern banks of the Goodradigbee River. (Canberra side). Sadly this is the last year the "Tinut" site will be used so in 2 years time there will be a new site to get to. There have been 11 Alpine Rallys held at "Tinut" over the last 20 years.

This year we stayed on the Hume until turning off for Tumut. We stopped at Tumut for petrol and a coffee before making our way to "Tinut" about 75 kilometres away.  Some of it on bitumen, some of it on fairly well formed dirt and gravel and some of it up and across a farmer's grassy paddock before down a grass and dirt covered hill to the campsite alone the Goodradigbee River.

The Alpine is always held over the New South Wales Queen's Birthday weekend in June.

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2016 Alpine Rally - Temperature
Minus three point five on Sunday morning (12th June 2016 at 6:48am) The temperature was still minus 3 at 9am

S1000RR Temperature
S1000RR displaying the temperature

Fuel top
We had carried spare fuel for the S1000RR but it was not needed but it had to go somewhere and it was better in the tank than in the back pack.

Here is a picture stolen from SCUM

A couple of Rally goers
A couple of Rally goers on their F800ST and S1000RR BMW's - Thanks to the unknown photographer from SCUM or getting this father and son shot.

The going out was once again a bit slippery and the wombat holes and other bumps made it interesting.  Whoever helped push me up the hill - THANK YOU! (I think that goes to a LOT of people - a lot of people needed pushing and a lot of people helped to push) although I do have to admit that the Kawasaki 100 managed to fly past me while I was slowly going backwards with the back wheel spinning.


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