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  • Where is the Mt Crater wildlife management area?

    The Mt Crater wildlife management area is in the mountains between Eastern Highlands, Gulf and Simbu provinces.

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  • How high is Mount Vineuo?

    Mount Vineuo, on Goodenough Island, is 2,566 metres above seal level. Goodenough Island is part of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands.

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  • How high is Sogeri?

    The Sogeri Plateau - Lying at 600m above sea level and 46km inland, Sogeri offers beautiful views, landscapes, evergreen surroundings and temperatures cooler than Port Moresby. Some scenic attractions include the spectacular Rouna Falls, Varirata National Park, Crystal Rapids, and the famous Kokoda Track.

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  • Where are the Owen Stanley Ranges?

    The Owen Stanley Ranges rise to 4000m and divides Central and Northern Provinces. Beneath the rugged mountain terrain exist deep cave systems, fertile coastal plains and dense rainforest. These ranges offer wonderful adventure opportunities for trekkers, cavers, and climbers.

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  • sounds like "Mt. yewel"

    I think this would be Mt Yule.

    It is 10784 feet 3288 metres in height. It is located in the Central province of PNG. It is used by Telikom to relay some of its telecommunications signals around the country.

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  • estimated damage cost of laminton volcano

    Sorry I do not have that information - perhaps another reader will have access to that information?

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  • Are there any caves in PNG?

    PNG possesses several of the deepest cave systems in the world. The Southern Highlands has several high systems and the islands of New Ireland and New Britain also have explored and unexplored cave systems.

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  • Is there any cave art in PNG?

    Yes there is art in caves in the Karawari River region of the Sepik River where the Inyai, Ewa and Yimas people lived until recently, and continue to hunt and gather.

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  • What is the highest mountain on the Kokoda track / trail?

    The highest point on the Kokoda Trail is Mt. Bellamy at 2190m.

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  • What is the weather window for climbing Mt Wilhelm? During which months can it be climbed?

    Sorry, I do not have that information. Perhaps a reader may be able to help you?

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  • My Dad had a mountain or peak in Papua New Guinea named after him. It is called Mt Carter or Carter peak, something with the name Carter in it. He worked in PNG in early 80's for the Prime Minister as a pilot. Any idea where it would be or how I could locate it?

    Sorry, have not been able to find out an answer for this one.

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  • hello, Which is the name of the 2536 highpoint of Goodenough island? Which is the HP of New Britain: Sinewit or Ulawun? Which is the HP of New Ireland? Thanks a lot, This is for a magazine. Ricardo Hernani Bilbao (Basque Country - Spain)

    Can anyone help?

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  • How high is Mt Kombiu (The Mother) in Rabaul?

    Does a reader know the answer to this question?

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  • Where is Mount Koiari?

    Mount Koiari is a 30 minute flight from Port Moresby. It is in the Central Province of PNG along the Kokoda trail.

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  • Where is the Mt. Yule area? Where can I get a map of the area?

    Mount Yule (10784 feet - 3288 metres) is near Tapini and close to Mount Strong (11772 feet - 3589 metres).

    It is in the general area of this Map Link but is not shown on the map.

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  • How high is Mt Albert Edward?

    3990 metres or 13090 feet. Mt Albert Edward is located in Goilala area of the Owen Stanley Range in Central Province. It is the only site on the Owen Stanley Range that can see both Port Moresby and Lae.

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  • How high is Mount Victoria in the Owen Stanley Ranges?

    4073 metres or 13363 feet. The Mount Victoria range is north of Port Moresby.

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  • How high is the Variata Lookout near Sogeri just outside Port Moresby?

    833 Metres above sea level.

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  • What is the highest mountain in PNG?

    Mt Wilhelm, located in Simbu (Chimbu) Province) is the tallest mountain in the country. The summit is 4509 metres / 14,793 feet above sea level (above sea level).
    If you climb Mt Wilhelm you will be greated by awesome glacial and alpine landscapes and your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views from the roof of the world's most mountainous island.

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  • How can I get to Mount Wilhelm?

    Once in Papua New Guinea, you can drive three to six hours from Lae to Goroka (depends on the road condition), a very pleasant town of 8,000 or so located in a valley at about 5,000 feet asl. If you're coming from Port Moresby, you can catch a one hour flight to Goroka on Air Niugini. In Goroka, excellent accomodation at the Bird of Paradise hotel is available, as well as a range of less expensive lodges and hotels.
    You can then travel by road from Goroka to the base camp at the Mt Wilhelm Trout Farm, operated by Ken and Betty Higgins, together with their local assistants. Cost for a 4WD return trip (up to 6 passengers) is somewhere around K400.00 (US$120.00), and is available through Niugini Highland Tours, and can be booked via the Bird of Paradise Hotel. The 4 to 5 hour trip proceeds along roads which cling to mountain sides (and sometimes don't) and winds up from 5,000 feet across the pass at 9,000 feet then down to Kundiawa and along a steep sided river valley to Keglsugl, then on to the trout farm and the Lodge.

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  • What is the nearest airstrip to Mount Wilhelm?

    The closest airstip is at Keglsugl. Light aircraft can be chartered to fly to Keglsugl, about 8,000 feet above sea level or the intrepid can hire a helicopter from Pacific Helicopters in Goroka for a range of costs per hour. Count on about 900 USD per hour for a Bell 206, the flight out and back takes about 1.6 hours, but you can then visit the summit without all the heavy clothing otherwise required.

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  • When is the best time to climb Mt Wilhelm?

    The mountain, PNG highest at 14793 feet, 4509 metres, can be climbed year round but the best time to climb is from June to November.

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  • What temperatures can a climber expect when climbing Mt Wilhelm?

    On the mountain it can get down to -5 degrees C and taking into account the wind chill factor it can get down to -15 degrees C.

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  • How high is Mount Kubor?

    Mount Kubor is 3969 metres high.

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  • what was the previous name of mount wilhelm?

    As far as I know it has been known by that name since the time of German New Guinea in the 1800's. I do not know any traditional name for the mountain but it would probably have several different names depending on what village you visited.

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  • What mountain erupted and destroyed Rabual, East New Britain in 1994?

    Mount Tuvurvur.

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  • How many volcanoes are near Rabaul in East New Britain?

    Rabaul, which is built on an ancient volcanic crater, is surrounded by six volcanoes which add beauty and are a natural attraction to the town of Rabaul.

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  • Where is Mount Gahavisuka Park?

    Mount Gahavisuka (Gahavisuga) Park is set high on a mountainside 11km from the Eastern Highlands town of Goroka. This 80ha provincial park has great views, picnic shelters and clearly marked walking tracks.

    It is close to Massy Village.

    The park was allocated K15,000 by Governor Malcolm Kela Smith in 2006 for improvements after many years of neglect.

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  • Where is Crater Mountain?

    Crater Mountain is 50km South West of the town of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province.
    Latitude: 06 32'S
    Longitude: 145 05'E

    summit elevation 3233 metres.

    Crater mountain is part of the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, a 2700 sq km of spectacular scenery and traditional villages.

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  • What mountains can be easily accessed from Goroka?

    Goroka is the centre for several good climbs with Mt. Michael and Mt. Gahavisuka being easily accessible.

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  • Where is Mount Elimbari?

    Mount Elimbari is in the Eastern Highlands Province.

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  • Where is Mt. Michael??

    Mt. Michael is south of Goroka (Eastern Highlands Provincal Capital) and Lufa (famous for its mushrooms) is at the base of the mountain.

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  • What year did Manam Island volcano erupt?

    It erupted in December 1996.

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  • Where is the Omuru Flying Fox Cave?

    I believe it is in Madang Province in PNG but I have no idea where in the province. Can any reader proviude an update?

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  • How high are the Trobriand Islands?

    The Trobriand Islands are low lying coral islands.

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  • How high is the mountain range on Fergusson Island?

    The twin peaks of the mountain range on Fergusson Island reach a height of over 1850 metres. (1864 metres)

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  • How high is Goodenough Island?

    Goodenough Island, in Milne Bay province, is a massive 2,536 metre high.

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  • How high is Mt Riu?

    Mt Riu is 2621 feet.

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  • Where is Mount Konogavang?

    Mt Konogavang is in New Ireland Province.

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  • Where are the longest caves to be found in PNG?

    The two longest caves in PNG are Mamo Kananda (L=54,800m) and Atea Kananda (L=34,500m), both located in the Muller Range in the Southern Highlands Province

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