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PNG Gossip Newsletter Meri Milne Bay

Jul 2005

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As part of the service of the Papua New Guinea Gossip newsletter I'll attempt to provide you with a current list of Cabinet members.  This, as you may well be aware, is no mean feat and I would imagine the list will be out of date the moment it is published! Some Vice-Minister positions have changed recently

The table below should be current as of July 2005
A big thank you to Wendy Vere for help in updating this list

1 Hon.Sir Michael Somare Kt,CMGC, CH, KStJ, MP Prime Minister  
2 Hon Sir Moi Avei, KBE, MP Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Petroleum  
3 Hon. Jeffrey Nape, MP Speaker  
4 Hon. Bob Dadae, MP Deputy Speaker  
5 Hon. Peter O'Neill, MP Opposition Leader  
6 Hon. Bart Philemon, MP Minister for Finance & Treasury  
7 Hon. Robert Kapaol, MP Vice Minister for Finance & Treasury  
8 Hon. Paul Tiensten, MP Minister for Trade & Industry  
9 Vacant Vice Minister for Trade & Industry Vacant
10 Hon. Sir Peter Barter, Kt, OBE, MP Minister for Inter Government Relations  
11 Hon. Sir Rabbie Namaliu, KCMG, MP Minister for Foreign Affairs  
12 Hon. Sinai Brown, MP Minister for Public Service  
13 Hon. Lady Carol Kidu, DBE, MP Minister for Community Development  
14 Hon. Arthur Somare, MP Minister for National Planning and Monitoring  
15 Hon. Patrick Pruaitch, MP Minister for Forestry  
16 Hon. Peter Laimo, MP Minister for Education  
17 Hon. Don Polye, MP Minister for Transport & Civil Aviation  
18 Hon. William Duma, MP Minister for Environment & Conservation  
19 Hon. Bire Kimisopa, MP Minister for Internal Security (Police)  
20 Hon. James Togel, MP Vice Minister for Internal Security  
21 Hon. Brian Pulayasi, MP Minister for Higher Educ,Resrch,Science and Technology  
22 Hon. Mark Maipakai, MP Minister for Justice  
23 Hon. Puka Temu, MP Minister for Lands & Physical Planning  
24 Hon. Ben Semri, MP Minister for Fisheries  
25 Hon. David Basua, MP Minister for Culture and Tourism  
26 Hon. Roy Biyama, MP Minister for Labour & Industrial Relations  
27 Hon. Posi Menai, MP Minister for Correctional Services  
28 Hon. Matthew Siune, MBE, MP Minister for Agriculture & Livestock  
29 Hon. Gabriel Kapris, MP Minister for Works  
30 Hon. Francis Kunai, MP Vice Minister for Works  
31 Hon. Dr Puka Temu, MP Minister for State Enterprises & Comm  
32 Hon. Matthew Gubag, MP Minister for Defence  
33 Hon. Melchoir Pep, MP Minister for Health  
34 Hon. Sir Moi Avei, MP Minister for Petroleum & Energy (Also Deputy PM)  
35 Hon. Sam Akoitai, MP Minister for Mining  
36 Hon. Atimeng Buhupe, MP Minister for Housing  
1 Hon. Bill Skate, MP National Capital District  
2 Hon. Alphonse Moroi, MP Central Province  
3 Hon. Dr Bob Danaya, MP Western/Fly Province  
4 Hon. Christopher Haiveta, MP Gulf Province  
5 Hon. Timothy Neville, MP Milne Bay Province  
6 Hon. Bani Hoivo, MP Oro Province  
7 Hon. Luther Wenge, MP Morobe Province  
8 Hon. James Yali, MP Madang Province  
9 Hon. Henry Ariro, MP East Sepik Province  
10 Hon. Carlos Yuni, MP West Sepik Province  
11 Hon. Ian Ling Stuckey, MP New Ireland Province  
12 Hon. Dr Jacob Jumugot, MP Manus Province  
13 Hon. Leo Dion, MP East New Britain Province  
14 Hon. Clement Nakmai, MP West New Britain Province  
15 Hon. John Momis, MP Bougainville Province  
16 Hon. Mal Kela Smith, MP Eastern Highlands Province  
17 Hon. Peter Launa, MP Simbu Province  
18 Hon. Paias Wingti, MP Western Highlands Province  
19 Hon. Peter Ipatas, MP Enga Province  
20 Hon. Hami Yawari, MP Southern Highlands Province  



The Full Cabinet

(this is here for comaprison only it is not current)

Michael Somare Govt (Aug 2002)

Sir Michael Somare Prime Minister
Dr Allan Marat DPM and Minister for Trade and Industry
Lady Carol Kidu Minister for Welfare and Social Development
Bart Bhilemon Finance/Treasury
Dr Puka Temu Public Service
Sinai Brown National Planning and Monitoring
Patrick Pruaitch Forestry
Sir Peter Barter Inter-Government Relations
Michael Laimo Education
Don Polye Transport and Civil Aviation
Sasa Zibe Minister for Environment and Conservation
Yawa Silupe Internal Security (Police/CIS)
Alphonse Morial Willie Science and Technology
Mark Maipakai Justice
Robert Kapaol Lands and Physical Planning
Andrew Baing Fisheries
Alois King Culture and Tourism
Peter O'Neill Labour and Industrial Relations
Peter Oresi Correctional Services
Moses Maladina Agriculture and Livestock
Gabriel Kapris Works
Ben Semri Communications and Information
Yarka Kappa Defence
Melchior Pep Health
Sir Moi Avei Petroleum and Energy
Sam Akoitai Mining
Sir Rabbie Namaliu Foreign Affairs and Immigration
Yuntuvi Bao Housing

Caretaker Government (2002 Elections)

The new government should be known by 12 Aug 2002.

The PNG Electoral Commission Website is located at



Cabinet Reshuffle -- May 2001

Cabinet Reshuffle -- December 2000

The reshuffle of the Morauta cabinet sees the ousting of Sir Michael Somare as the Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs and Bougainville Affairs and the sacking of Andrew Baing.
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Prior to November 2000

Governor General Sir Silas Atopare
Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta
Deputy Prime Minister Mao Zeming
Agriculture and Livestock Mao Zeming (was Ted Diro)
Bougainville Affairs Sir Michael Somare
Communication and Information Peter Waieng
Corporation and Privatisation Vincent Auali
Correctional Services Wes Maicah (was Mathias Karani)
Culture and Tourism Andrew Baing
Defence Muki Taranupi
Education John Waiko
Environment and Conservation Herowa Agiwa (was William Ebenosi)
Finance Sir Mekere Morauta
Fisheries Ron Ganarafo
Foreign Affairs Sir Michael Somare
Forests Michael Ogio
Health Ludger Mond
Home Affairs Andrew Kumbakor
Housing and Urban Resettlement John Kamb
Justice Kilroy Genia
Labour and Employment Chris Haiveta
Lands and Physical Planning John Pundari
Mining Sir John Kaputin
Petroleum and Energy Tommy Tomscoll
Planning and Implementation Moi Avei
Police Mathias Karani
Province and Local Govt. Affairs Andrew Kumbakor
Public Service Iairo Lasaro
Rural Development William Ebenosi
Tourism Herowa Agiwa
Trade and Industry Michael Nali
Transport and Civil Aviation Bart Philemon
Treasury and Planning Sir Mekere Morauta
Women ?
Works and Implementation Alfred Pogo (was Mao Zeming)
Attorney General Michael Gene
Leader of the Opposition Bill Skate

Previous Govt. of Bill Skate circa October 1998

Prime Minister Bill Skate
Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Iairo Lasaro
Petroleum and Gas Sir Rabbie Namaliu
Foreign Affairs and Trade Roy Yaki
Fisheries Sir Mekere Morauta
Defence Peter Waieng
Public Enterprises, Communications and assisting the PM Dr Fabian Pok
Commerce and Industry and assisting the PM Ian Ling-Stuckey
Public Service Pila Niningi (Ousted by Peter Peipul 28th Oct)
Churches, Family Affairs and Non Government Organisations Andrew Kumbakor
Housing Mao Zeming
Transport Vincent Auali
Civil Aviation Kala Swokin
Works and Implementation Yauwe Riyong
Provincial Affairs and Local Level Affairs Simon Kaumi
Mining Masket Iangalio
CIS and Police Thomas Pelika
Lands Viviso Seravo
Minister for Bougainville Sam Akoitai
Finance and Internal Affairs Dibara Yagabo
Health Ludger Mond
Justice Pastor Jacob Wama
Youth and Employment Mathias Karanai
Education Muki Taranupi
Forest Peter Arul
Agriculture and Livestock Tukape Masani
Environment and Conservation Herowa Agiwa
Rural Development Jimson Sauk

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