PNG Black Bass
via Papua New Guinea
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Papua New Guinea Black Bass - Lutjanus Goldiei

The Papuan Black Bass - Lutjanus goldiei

During the 2006 Commonwealth games held in Melbourne, Australia the Yarra River was decorated with fish from each of the Commonwealth Countries. Papua New Guinea was represented by the mighty Papuan Black Bass.

Healthy populations of the mighty Papuan Black Bass lurk in dense jungle rivers of PNG . The Papuan Black Bass is found no where else in the world and are reputed to be one of the world's toughest fighting fish.

Sign at the Commonwealth Games

Papuan Black Bass are also called Papuan black snapper or Niugini bass. They inhabit brackish and fresh waters, they are opportunistic and omnivorous in their diet. They consume crabs, fish (including catfish, smaller bass, small crocodiles and mammals. In common with many large, riverine fish, Black Bass are territorial. In areas where there is little tidal influence they remain in the one general area, but where there are large tides they move with the tides and changing river flows and water levels. 

Papuan Black Bass on the Yarra River (Melbourne - 2006 Commonwealth Games)

In sportfishing circles it is generally considered that "pound for pound" they are the strongest fish swimming in either fresh or salt water. -- Wikipedia - Bass


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