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Raun Raun Theatre

The Raun Raun Theatre is in Goroka (Eastern Highlands Province) and is situated close to the market in Goroka, just a short walk from the town centre. The Goroka Theatre Company is based here.


The seats at the theatre are made from upturned logs.

RAUN RAUN in pidgin – (neo melaneisan / tok pisin), literally means to travel.

An excellent resource about the Raun Raun Theatre in Goroka starts here --

Here is just a paragraph from that article -- In early April, 1975, the Raun Raun Traveling Theatre was formed in Goroka with a grant from the National Cultural Council. A theatre truck was purchased with some help from the Goroka Rotary Club and housing was granted by District Authorities to accommodate drama students on the one hand and director/office on the other. The Theatre’s original function was to travel with ‘maket raun‘, a suggested scheme for taking public services, private sector activities and entertainment to a circuit of large village centres around the area.



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