Traditional Houses in PNG

via Papua New Guinea

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Haus kuk © by Jochen Kalmbach


Stilt Hauses are common
Houses built on stilts or poles are common. - Other Housing Pictures

For a variety of reasons a fair proportion of traditional houses in Papua New Guinea are built off the ground on stilts or wooden poles. Mary Kidu has written an article on the types of housing that you can find in her village in the Central Province of PNG.

Houses over the water

Many of the houses are built over the water. This makes for easy access to the best fishing spots especially if you have a boat tied up at your front door. For a full size picture of the above scene please click here. Don't forget to use your browser's back button to return here.

I have been asked what the insides of a traditional house look like. Jochen Kalmbach has been kind enough to allow me to use a picture that he took inside a cooking house in East New Britain.

Jochen describes it as "near Gavuvu / East New Britain. They are opening a Mumu in a cooking house".


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