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Alotau is the provincial capital of the Milne Bay Province. It became the provincial capital in 1969 after it was shifted from Samarai. Milne Bay is a maritime province of Papua New Guinea and Alotau can be reached by air from Port Moresby. Much of the travel within the province has to be carried out in a boat.

Alotau has several cultural events throughout the year. One of them is the Canoe Festival. (Kenu Festivol)


Accommodation:- Alotau International, Napatana Lodge, Masurina Lodge

Air Niugini

P O Box 3 Alotau 211 Milne Bay Province
Phone: 6411100 6411031 Fax: 6411636

Airlines of PNG

P O Box 421 Alotau 211 Milne Bay Province
Phone: 6411591






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