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Miss Hiri Hanenamo Queen History

The history of Hiri Hanenamo Quest goes back many years however I do not have much information on this subject. If you can add to this then please click on the "contact link" at the bottom of the page and let me know. I do know the the Hiri Queen concept was announced in 1987. Was there a 1987 winner? The Hiri Hanenamo Quest s associated with the Hiri Moale festival.  Click for Miss PNG event

Miss Hetura = Friendship

Circa 1974 / 1975

Gairo Pala ??



Sibona Geita from Tubusereia Village




? Can anyone update this ?




? Can anyone update this ?




Sibona Bogehenao from Barakau village




Kori Noka from Pari village won the title.
Michelle Pala of Porebada won Miss Hetura (Friendship).




? Can anyone update this ?




Mary Toua (Toa ?) from Pari village.
Miria Gaimu Ikipu from Hanubada was runner up
Kari Madaha took out the Miss Hetura title




Hitolo Mase Talai from Manumanu village - Badihagwa student.
Tubusereia lass 19-year-old Tau Tau was crowned the second runner-up while 22-year old Gima Tau from Gaire won the judges’ choice as the Miss Friendship or Hetura.
Kira Kira's 20-year-old, Gina Pukari won the final award as Miss Fashion for 2005.




Miss Alison Corrinna Exton from Hanuabada won the 2006 Hiri Queen / Hiri Hanenamo title while a student at the Port Moresby National High School.
Robin Kila from Gaire was runner-up.




Onno Roua has kindly let me know that in 2007 the Hiri Queen title was won by Ronda Tiana of Kira Kira Village .




The 2008 Hiri Hanenamo Queen was 19 year old Rere David from Tatana. 23 young ladies contested the Hiri Queen title.




The 2009 Hiri Hanenamo is Tumanu Korema Ranu, from Gaire village in Central province.
Miss Hetura: Obaha Hera from Gabagaba
Runner Up: Buruka Arua from Baruni



Out of 19 contestants 22 year old, Kaia Morea Hila, from Hanuabada, took out the title of Miss Hiri Hanenamo for 2010 during the Hiri Moale festival. The contestants were judged on various things including traditional dress, cultural symbol for decorations, public interaction, confidence, public speaking and their understating of traditional culture and rituals.




Vagi Arua is the Hiri Hanenamo Queen. Other awards were given to Alice Daure of Taurama (first runner-up), Kaia Shirley Sam from Poreporena Laurabada (Miss Friendship) and Ranu Veari from Poreporena Laurabada (Miss Fashion). The 2010 Miss Hanenamo Kaia Hila was among the judges and witnessed the crowning.




Miss Boera, Boio Miria, was crowned the 2014 Hiri Queen. - See more at:

The 2014 Hiri Queen runner-up went to Miss Hanuabada - Mea Lakani while Miss Roku - Aluheni Lohia was crowned Miss Hetura.





Reiono Terita Gamoga Toea from Gabagaba - See --





A grade 11 student from Marianville Secondary School has won the 2016 Miss Hiri Hanenamo quest. Marianville student Olive Tau who hails from Hanuabada mix Gabagaba, was crowned Miss Hiri Hanenamo by Minister for Health Michael Malabag. - See more at:



Miss PNG - In Search of the Hiri Queen (Vimeo External Link)



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