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Sea Transport

sea transportation

Catamaran along the coast


Road Transport

Road Transportation
Port Moresby PMV Routes
Highlands Highway
Collapsed Bridge - West New Britain

Typical Road Transport and a River Crossing [14k]
Typical Road Transport and a River Crossing


Air Transport

Air Transportation
Police Helicopter and Plane
Air Niugini Unofficial History
Airlines of PNG Unofficial History

Plane taking off at Wedau

Miscellaneous Transport

Tractor near Goroka, Eastern Highlands province
Euclid at Panguna, Bougainville Copper Limited
Village Wheelbarrow, Eastern Highlands province
Ox and Cart - near Kokopo, East New Britain

PNG Road Accident figures (1997 - 2000)

Membershp card for Autmobile Club of PNG (Automobile Association of Papua New Guinea- AA PNG)



Often in PNG the only way to get from A to B is via good old fashioned walking

Foot bridge crossings - Eastern Highlands



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