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Ford Tri motor VH-UBI previously G-ABHO

Sun, 14 May 2000 20:48:27 +0100
The following information was submitted by Tony Moore

I live in Jersey, Channel islands and I am very keen to find out what happened about the above used by New Guinea airways crashed 1942 at Lake Myola and apparently recovered by RAAF chinook to be placed in a museum in the 1970's at Port Moresby. It is possibly the only ex Jersey airways aircraft possibly in existance ? I would be pleased to know any history.

Thank you Tony Moore


On 2000-10-31 at 08:28:06,
The following information was submitted by brian berwick

Cessna c336 vh-stq owned stol air services and stol commuters circa 1967 - 1970 cessna 310a vh acb owned by above. Owner Ron Ferns was presented with a bravery award for a night landing in the bush for a medical flight prior 1967 using vehicle headlights for illumination.


On 2000-10-31 at 08:02:32,
The following information was submitted by Brian Berwick

vh pnf Pilatus Turbo Porter pc6 bh2 crashed PNG on first commercial flight for Papuan Airlines some time prior to 1967. A/C was carrying out a supply drop through "bomb doors" in floor and crashed out of trim due "go around" with approach trim selected.
comments = Unable to ascertain date, as this incident occurred before my employment with Patair as a LAME early 1967.


> P2-EAA was a Cessna 206 owned by Elom Air. It was almost new, when it
> lost a big end after take off from Port Moresby in October 1979 with
> four parachutists from the Port Moresby Skydivers' Club on board. Pilot
> was Mike Plummer. After take off Mike noticed a rapid rise in oil
> temperature. He said he was going straight back in and asked the
> parachutists if they wanted to get out or return to the airport. They
> replied they would rather get out than land with him at the controls.
> But before they were over the drop zone (on the present site of the
> Pacific Adventist University), the engine of P2-EAA blew up with a very
> loud bang (a piston went through the side of the engine), a lot of smoke
> (which cleared quickly), a short grinding noise like a number of pieces
> of metal in a concrete mixer and then a very loud silence. The
> parachutists baled out at about 2000 feet. One landed on the western
> side of the Laloki River and the others on the highway side near the
> high school. Mike Plummer landed P2-EAA dead stick on the Hubert Murray
> Highway immediately before the Sogeri Rd turnoff, travelling towards
> Port Moresby. The landing was perfect but to avoid on-coming traffic
> Mike swerved P2-EAA to the left, clipped a large steel power pole with
> the left wing, ground looped and took off the right wing as well. It was
> later said that a big end bolt had not been pinned properly following a
> service. There were no injuries. By the time the parachutists made it
> back to aero club, Mike was into his 3rd or 4th whiskey.
> The skydivers also used P2-MAB a lot in the 1970s. I flew in it in again
> the 1990s out of Wau and last saw it in a hangar at Nadzab around 2000
> with a wheel missing (said to be to stop the owner, who owed the
> workshop money, from flying it away).


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