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Air Niugini History - Airlines of PNG History

More Pictures of the work being done - 11th July - The Drum 13th July - The workers

P2-ANQ has undergone several washing and tidy ups during its life stuck on poles opposite Air Niugini's Head Office at Seven-Mile, Port Moresby. The last major restoration, before July 2007, was carried out by AIR NIUGINI Engineering Workshops in December 1986

In July 2007 it was lifted down and a complete refurbishment was carried out. Here are some of the initial pictures. I have heard of long flights but this one has been in the air longer than most planes and was in need of a new paint job.

About to touchdown after many years in the air - Jackson's Airport, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

More Pictures taken on the 11th of July 2007 - The Post Courier 13th July 2007 "The Drum"

More Pictures - 11th July, 13th July 2007
Lifting the plane 1
- Lifting the plane 2

1979 - Moving DC3 into location near Air Niugini (PX) HQ and Gateway Hotel - Colour Photos - B & W Photos

Washing the DC3 - Feb 2001

There are 4 commerative plaques mounted on the poles that hold the plane.


Air Niugini History - Airlines of PNG History

RAAF Training Aid - Dakota_A65-122

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