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PNG Air Wing - C47B Dakota Fleet

P2-001 at Jackson's

Reg Serial / Constructors Number Previous History After PNGDF
ex 44-76777 (US Airforce), A65-100 (RAAF), toc 1975 as P65-001 VH-ATO Sep 1993 (picture) also another picture at bottom of this page
ex 44-76545, A65-84, toc 1975 as P65-002 Located at the Airways Hotel (Jackson's Airport) Will be mounted and used as the "Balus Bar".
ex 44-49377, A65-67, toc 1975 as P65-003

VH-PTE (Aug 1993)
Relocated to Amaroo Tavern in Moree, New South Wales, Australia 1993. (picture)

ex 43-48969, A65-68, toc 1976 as P65-004 VH-ATO (Oct 1993), VH-DNA
ex 43-48740, A65-63, toc 1981, wfu Aug 1987 VH-PWN (25 Aug 1993)
ex 43-49376, A65-65, toc 1982, w/o 18 Nov 1987 Crashed at Nadzab (Lae), PNG - one engine lost power on takeoff; while attempting a wheels-up landing one wing was ripped off and the aircraft was damaged beyond repair. All occupants survived the accident
CASA CN-235 Image
  RAAF Training Aid - Dakota_A65-122

The C-47 Dakota was the first aircraft type to be operated by the PNGDF. With Australian funds (A$ 16.4 million) four Dakotas were bought of which three were delivered in 1975 and one in 1976. During the early eighties two additional Dakotas were bought. The whole fleet was retired in 1988 and the five remaining aircraft were placed in storage at Lae prior to attempting to be sold on the civil market.. It would appear that two or possibly three are still located at Jackson's Airport, Port Moresby.

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P2-001 landing at Jackson's Airport Port Moresby, PNG



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