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Another picture of me!
 Me! Oct 1998
Me! Oct 1998
Hi, from Gadoeno, I was born in May, 1988.

This page is located on my father's web site which deals, mainly, with the Michie Family, Papua New Guinea and some BMW motorcycles. If you are interested in Genealogy then click on the link and find your way from there.

In 2007 I attended Port Moresby International School where I have been since I did my grade 8 in 2002 after moving from Korobosea.

In 2001 I attended a school in Papua New Guinea called Korobosea International School. In 2000 I did my grade six (6). I also played in the inter-school soccer competition.

In 1999 I was picked to play soccer with the Papua New Guinea team in Queensland, Australia.

I'm interested in Stamp Collecting... Papua New Guinea has a fine range of StampsGado's Stamp page

Are there any stamp collectors out there who want to send me some stamps?  If you are interested I have a small survey which you could fill out just to let me know that you are interested in collecting PNG stamps. My snail mail address is:

P.O. Box 236,
Mandurang Vic 3551

My Honda - 2008

I also enjoy riding my bicycle around our housing estate, which is on Air Niugini Hill, in Korobosea. - Korobosea is a suburb of Port Moresby which is the Capital of Papua New Guinea. I also enjoy driving a go-kart.

Papua New Guinea was facing severe water restrictions due to a long dry spell but this has well and truly broken. It is now much better than in the past -- for instance, on the 20th of Feb, 1999, we did not have water at our house for over two weeks. Our water tank was almost dry. Luckily the mains water began flowing just as we thought we'd have to get a tanker full of water in to fill the tank.

Weather forecast for Port Moresby

Port Moresby now has a new airport and a new super highway. I've been on the highway from town to the airport and I've been lucky enough to travel several times out of and back into the new International Terminal. I was lucky enough to travel on a domestic flight at Christmas 1998 and again in 2000.

I'll add more info later but in the mean time if you want to look at some photographs from Papua New Guinea then click on this or this.

Oh, by the way, I have an email address if you want to write: contact details -- I don't get to check my e-mail very often so please be patient.

Gado at soccer

I love playing soccer. My school team had a few wins and a few losses in 1999 and 2000. This is a photo of me in action. I signed up for the competition in 2001 but put soccer away to concentrate on my studies since then.

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