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Not so long ago there was a drive-in in Port Moresby the capital of Papua New Guinea. The younger generation would not remember this so I have tried to put together a couple of images to help. I am not sure when the Skyline drive-in closed down but I can remember that many people would sit outside their car and watch from beach chairs or even cushions borrowed from lounge furniture. Some, like Isuzu Lu, were lucky enough to be able to sit in the back of their utes.

The Port Moresby drive-in was along Wards Strip, an old air strip left over from the Second World War. The present site is used by the Niu Ford car dealer and a few other companies. The Drive-In had a capacity to cater for about 450 cars and many more walk in customers. The midnight sessions were very popular especially the "kung fu" movies. You would see hundreds of people walking home after these sessions ended.

Here is an image from page 37 of the 29th of July 1983 Post Courier advertising what was on at the Drive-in and the nearby Wards Cinema.

Post Courier masthead - 29 July 1983

The Post Courier now (Nov 2003) costs K1.00 per copy and telephone numbers have gone to 7 digits instead of the 6 shown in the masthead. The masthead is now in colour.

Even back then having your own power was considered a necessity for survival.

Thanks to Peter Berrett for the photo
Skyline Drive-In Ticket
Skyline Drive-In Ticket (circa 1976)
Thanks to Susan Smith for permission to use her image

The death of this drive in has been attributed to mismanagement and the declining law and order problem in Port Moresby and PNG. The introduction of video players also rated a mention as being another factor behind the demise of the drive-in.

If anyone has more pictures or the history of the drive in then please send email to this web site (Contact Details).. If anyone is interested in drive-ins especially in Victoria, Australia then take a trip to for further information.

Skyline Drive-In Advert from the Post Courier 24th October 1980

Isuzu Lu - Drive-In
Isuzu Lu and family at the Drive-In by Bob Browne
(read more about Bob Browne)

There is a modern "multiplex" cinema in Port Moresby located at Vision City, Waigani.  It is called Paradise Cinema and it shows up-to-date movies and some sessions are in 3D.



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