Jisas em i King

via Papua New Guinea
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Jisas em i King

Jisas em i King,
King bilong olgeta king,
King Jisas, em i King.

Sanap na singaut long King Jisas
Olgeta pawa na glori em b'long yu Jisas,
King of kings and the Lord of lords, (Yep, it's a phrase in English right
in the middle of a Pidgin song!) Sanap na presim em. Apim em, apim em na
litimapim em I go antap, i go antap moa yet, Jisas, Emanuel.

Roughly translated, the song says,

"Jesus is King, King of kings. King
Jesus is King. Stand up and cry out to Jesus. All power and glory is
yours, Jesus." And then inexplicably, a phrase in English; just what it
looks like. Then "Stand and praise him. Magnify Him and lift him up, up
more and more, Jesus Emmanuel."

Thanks to Andy Bennett for the above

PNG Kundu Drums - Buai

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Created 28 Mar, 2005
Updated 7 Jul, 2015

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