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PX-ANQ (Plaques)

The plaques below are mounted on the poles that support P2-ANQ


23 February 1979


the Honourable Pius Wingti (Paias)

Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation


This DC3 Skyliner entered service with Trans-Australia Airlines on 27th September 1965, on regular passenger operations in Papua / New Guinea.

For the annals of aviation history and the general interest of the travelling public. It is recorded that this is the original aircraft presented by General Dwight D. Eisenhower to General Bernard Montgomery in 1945 for his personal use throughout Europe.

Prior to entering TAA service, it was the personal executive V.I.P. aircraft of the Greek shipping magnate, Stampos Niarchos, and had logged only 4543 hours - - probably the lowest total number of flying hours of any DC-3 flying in the world today.


The above plaque was removed from P2-ANQ when it completed service in 1977.

The aircraft, in Air Niugini livery, is mounted as a living memory to all those civil airmen who have given their lives in Papua New Guinea.

P2-ANQ with five other Trans Australian Airlines and six Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea Douglas DC3's entered service with Air Niugini on November 1973.

The aircraft that developed Papua New Guinea has earned this resting place.


Restoration Carried out By
December 1986
Acran Primer and Paint Finish
For This Aircraft Generously Donated By

The DC3 has undergone another refurbishment in July 2007. Here are some photographs from that exercise.

Air Niugini History - Airlines of PNG History


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