MICHIE, Jean (female)
Father3 Oct 1758MICHIE, William
Mother1766DOWNIE_(DAUNEY), Jean
BirthAbout 1804Colquhanny,Strathdon,Aberdeenshire,Scotland
Christening10 Jul 1804Unknown

MILNE, William (male)
BirthAbout 1803Unknown

Family of MICHIE, Jean & MILNE, William
MarriageAbout 1827,,,Scotland
GirlNov 1828MILNE, Ann
GirlJan 1831MILNE, Mary
BoyJun 1833MILNE, William
GirlApr 1835MILNE, Catherine Jean
GirlApr 1837MILNE,31 Dece
BoyApr 1839MILNE, Robert
BoyApr 1841MILNE, John

MICHIE, William (male)
Father6 Jun 1798MICHIE, Charles
MotherAbout 1802MCHARDY, Isabella (Isobel)
Birth11 Jan 1829Colquhanny,Strathdon,Aberdeenshire,Scotland
Christening11 Jan 1829Unknown

MITCHELL,31 Dece (female)

Family of MICHIE, William & MITCHELL,31 Dece
Marriage1 Apr 1858,,Strathdon,Scotland
Girl23 Jun 1858MICHIE, Isobel
Boy21 Dec 1859MICHIE, John
Girl28 Oct 1861MICHIE,31 Dece
Boy22 Dec 1863MICHIE, Charles
Girl7 Oct 1866MICHIE, Helen
Boy27 Dec 1868MICHIE, Alexander

MICHIE, William (male)

MORRISON, Jean (female)

Family of MICHIE, William & MORRISON, Jean
Marriage30 Apr 1754,Strathdon,Aberdeenshire,Scotland
Boy3 Oct 1758MICHIE, William

MICHIE, Tara Simonne (female)
Father2 Dec 1954MICHIE, Trevor John
Mother28 Aug 1957WOODFORD, Carol Ann
Birth27 Jan 1979Royal Womans Hos,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Christening1979Uniting Church,Nunawading,Victoria,Australia

RICHARDSON, Jarrod (male)
FatherUnknownRICHARDSON, Ross
MotherUnknownBINSTEAD, Kerry
Birth10 Jun 1976Unknown

Family of MICHIE, Tara Simonne & RICHARDSON, Jarrod
Marriage13 Apr 2002Western Australia, Australia

MICHIE, Ashley Scott (male)
Father2 Dec 1954MICHIE, Trevor John
Mother28 Aug 1957WOODFORD, Carol Ann
Birth27 Oct 1980Box Hill Hosp,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Christening9 Nov 1980Uniting Church,Nunawading,Victoria,Australia

COTTERELL, Candice (female)

Family of MICHIE, Ashley Scott & COTTERELL, Candice
Child26 Jun 2002BARKER, Connor James Scott

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