Gadoeno's Stamp (1)

via Papua New Guinea
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Hi, I am an amateur stamp collector and would like to exchange stamps with other collectors.
I enjoy collecting stamps from around the world.

NBC 50t Stamp
50t NBC Stamp

Air Niugini 45t stamp
45t Air Niugini Stamp (Fokker F27)

35t overprinted with 5t Original 35t Stamp
An example of a 35t stamp overprinted with a 5t value

90t Air Niugini Airbus
Air Niugini 90t (Airbus A310)

Along with the airline related stamps above the government issued Departure Tax stamps. Below is one issued in Dollars.

$2.00 Departure Tax Stamp
Thanks to Jennie McDowall for permission to use the image,

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A link for you to follow-- Early stamps from New Guinea


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Created 8 Apr, 1998
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