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Other Aviation Incidents in PNG

Considering the harsh environment aircraft have to fly in in PNG it is surprising that there have not been more incidents within the country.

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1984 Jul 25
MAF Incident 25th July 1984

Newspaper Clip

ABMS Missionaries Phil Beveridge, Sr Chris Ryman, Sr Pam Topp, and Dr Takura Pyalandra were not seriously injured when their MAF plane somersaulted on the Jimi River Airstrip on the way to a health conference.

The above photo and news report came from Julie 'Jones' Beveridge. She had the following to add to the photo -

I don't really have much of a recollection of the incident as I was young myself, well, I guess I would have been 9yo. Funny thing is when that plane did a crash landing.....they had to wait for the priest to come down and pick them up to take them back to the mission station, but he also had his own commuting problems - which was made clear as they drove off back to the Station, the priest told them he has to tie the steering wheel on by a piece of material. Once they got to the the Station, they waited for a helicopter to pick them up and as the were's door flew open - lol. A pretty eventful day to say the least! :)



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