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Incidents involving the National Airline of PNG

Considering the harsh environment the domestic fleet has to fly in it is surprising that there have not been many incidents involving Air Niugini within the country. The Airline has never had an operational incident involving a fatality to its aircrew or passengers.

4 July 1985 Brisbane, Australia Attempted Hijack Airbus A300 B4-203 P2-ANG
31 May 1995 Madang Airport, PNG Landing Gear Damaged Fokker F28 1000 P2-ANB
16 Nov 1997 Nadzab (Lae), PNG Landing Gear Damaged Fokker F28 1000 P2-ANH
30 March 1999 Goroka, Eastern Highlands , PNG Landing Gear detached Fokker F28 4000 P2-AND
mid 92 - mid 93? Port Moresby, PNG Hand brake not secured De Havilland Dash 7 103 P2-ANP
April 2006 Port Moresby, PNG Tail Strike Boeing B767 P2-ANG
PNGG and below
June 2006 Bougainville, PNG Bomb Threat Fokker ??? P2-???
19 October 2013 Madang Airport, PNG Ran off end of runway into creek ATR (Avions de Transport Regional) ATR42-300 P2-PXY


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Further Information

P2-ANB, MSN 11049 - PX-128 Madang - 31 May 1995 - After an unsuccessful visual approach to runway 25, the crew tried landing on runway 07 (the same runway but in the opposite direction). The F-28 touched down a little late and aquaplaned off the runway and fell into a ditch. The incident happened after a flight from Port Moresby via Nadzab. (PX128).

Images above courtesy of -- Jan Messersmith

Of course Air Niugini is not the only airline to suffer a swim in the sea at Madang. VH-PNB (serial 43-49528) took a wash on the 11th of April 1972 after making an emergency return from where it was heading. Some reports say this was Goroka and others say Mendi. It landed with no hydraulics, no brakes and no steering.

VH-PNB swimming at Madang.
VH-PNB (see also --


P2-ANH, MSN 11022 - PX-129 from Wewak to Madang diverted to Nadzab airport, Morobe province when they had trouble with the landing gear - 16 November 1997.

Post Courier report about the incident with an Air Niugini F28 at Nadzab (16 Nov 1997)


P2-ANP, MSN 81 - De Havilland Canada DHC-7-103 Dash 7, Date ??? 1992 - 1993?

Who tried to reverse park a Dash 7 and ended up in a drainage ditch at Jackson's ?

See also -- PPRUNE - The suggestion there is that this happened (possibly) between Oct or Nov 1992

This aircraft is still flying, but in much colder weather in Canada as C-FWZV:
De Havilland Canada DHC-7-103 Dash 7, C-FWZV, Air Tindi


P2-AND, MSN 11118 - Fokker F28 4000 upon normal touchdown at Goroka on the 30th of March 1999, the left main gear detached allowing the left wing to strike the runway which forced the aircraft to veer to the left. The F-28 came to a stop 60 metres off the left of the runway on soft ground. - Image Link

P2-PXY - Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300 - rejected takeoff from Madang's runway 25 due to an engine fire, but overran the end of the runway and came to a stop in the waters of the Meiro Creek at about 09:00L (23:00Z Oct 18th 2013). --

Photo By Andrea - P2-PXY
Photo By Andrea - P2-PXY



In April 2006 an Air Niugini aircraft (Boeing 767 aircraft) operating as PX-004 suffered a tail-strike on landing in Port Moresby. Acting chief executive officer of Air Niugini at the time,Wasantha Kumarasiri, said last night: "It was not an emergency landing . . . the aircraft on (normal) landing suffered a tail-strike"


From time to time an engine will decide to eat a bird or something on takeoff. Hopefully there are facilities available to replace the engne when this happens.

Chaging an engine on P2-AND
Changing an engine on P2-AND

In November 2007, Air Niugini Engineers had to do the first change of an F100 engine. This was at Hoskins (the airport that serves West New Britain and the provincial capital of Kimbe). The following photos have been provided by Eddie Matane.

Engine Change
Battling poor light
Engine Change
Fording rivers



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