VH-UOU - Junkers G31

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Junkers G31 (3011)

(Thanks to Pat Boys in New Zealand for the photo)

The JunkersG31 planes (VH-UOV, VH-UOU and VH-URQ) were used to ship parts to the gold fields at Bulolo in what is now present day Morobe province. They were used to ferry the dredge parts for Guinea Aviation (the three were owned by BGD - Bulolo Gold Dredging Company). The dredge parts were designed to fit through the cargo door of the Junkers. The Junkers had a loading hatch through the roof of the fuselage measuring 11 feet 10 inches by 5 feet.

The aeroplane used American Pratt and Whitney A2 Hornets, nine cylinder radial air-cooled direct drive engines of 525 hp. These engines had to be hand started using an inetria starter which consisted of a series of geared cogs turning a flywheel.

There was a fourth Junkers G31 used in the gold fields. It was owned by Guinea Aviation and was registered VH-UOW.

On January 21, 1942 this trimotor was destroyed on the ground at Bulolo Airfield by five strafing A6M2 Zeros. Also lost were G 31 "Bulolo 2 Peter" VH-UOV and G 31 "Pat" VH-URQ.

Bulolo Airport

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