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The Maibani family is from the Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea. The family has also lived in the Oro Province when their father was a teacher and later as a parish priest for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea.

The family's hamlet is called Kobara which is part of Wamira village. Wamira is a village within reasonable walking distance of Dogura which is where the Anglican Cathedral is located for the Milne Bay Area. The language they speak is called Wedau. There are over 800+ languages with many more dialects in Papua New Guinea.


Part of the Maibani Family
Part of the Maibani family

Lydia Maibani
Bubu - (Mrs. Lydia Maibani) and Tasiana

Bubu and Gadoeno and Gurney Airport
Bubu at Gurney Airport


Father Gerlad Maibani
Father Gerald Maibani

Gerald and Lydia Maibani
Gerald and Lydia Maibani

More Maibani family members
More Maibani's

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