Boroko Art (1)
via Papua New Guinea
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The panels
Papua New Guinea

Unfortunately the panels have now been removed from the wall. Possibly due to roadworks in the area.

PNG String Bags / Bilums

These art panels were installed on the 28th of November at Boroko between the PMV stop going to Town and the PMV stop for Waigani / Gerehu. They extend from opposite the BP garage at Boroko right through to the Boroko foot overpass. I was lucky enough to be able to snap the workmen fixing them into place.

The panels waiting to be affixed to the painted stone wall.

Affixing the panels to the wall.
Note that one panel is on the ground and
the use of the portable generator.

Drilling the wall for the bolts to hold the panels.
Thank goodness for portable generators to operate the drill!
Click here to see some of the panels Be prepared to wait for them to load though!

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Created 28 Nov, 1998
Updated 4 Dec, 2002

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