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International Education Agency (IEA)
of Papua New Guinea
PO Box 6974
National Capital District 111
Papua New Guinea
Phone: +675 321 4720 or 321 4712
Fax: +675 321 4712
Web Site:

Note:-- International Dialling Country Code for PNG is 675


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The Headquarters for the International Education Agency (IEA) has moved location from a small building on the Port Moresby International School site to the old Ela Beach International School site at the corner of Ela Beach Road and Hunter Street in downtown Port Moresby.

IEA Mission

The International Education Agency provides high quality private education, meeting the needs of individual learners in a caring environment.

The IEA provides clear direction through its mission statement and strategic plans and is committed to participatory decision making processes at all levels of organisation. Parents, the community, principals and teachers have significant roles to play in the ongoing consultation process which underlies all decision making. Because of its diversity and commitment to meeting individual needs, decision making about the implementation of plans, as far as practicable, devolves toward those who must implement the decisions.

The IEA values principles of social justice and equity. There is a strong concern for the welfare of all who participate in assisting the IEA to achieve its mission.

The IEA provides a broad and balanced curriculum designed to promote intellectual, creative, personal, physical and recreational skills and understandings. The curriculum fosters an appreciation of the natural and social environments and encourages a sense of responsibility towards these.Within this curriculum schools have considerable freedom in the development of teaching and learning programs designed to meet the needs of individual students.

The IEA strongly affirms that learning in schools must be child centred and focused upon the achievement of each individual student’s potential. Teaching programs should reflect an understanding of the stages of development through which children pass, and should ensure that each child’s new learning is founded firmly in learning which has occurred before.Students in IEA schools are provided with opportunities to develop an ability and readiness to cope with change, including ease of transition for students moving to other countries.

Students are helped to develop strong self concepts so as to promote responsible independence and moral autonomy. They learn to appreciate the value systems implicit in national cultures, and to recognise the need for tolerance and understanding.
The maintenance of close communication with the child’s home is a major objective for the school. This acknowledges the important role played by parents, families and the broader community in the total education of the child. Parents must be involved in the identification and monitoring of the needs of their children.

The IEA recognises the vital importance of teacher inservice programs in schools, and therefore is committed to the provision of opportunities for each teacher’s professional growth and development.

Because it is attuned to the goals and aspirations of the government and people of Papua New Guinea, the IEA is mindful of its duty to contribute to the Nation’s development through the education of Papua New Guinean and expatriate students, and through the development of Papua New Guinean teachers.

All IEA schools need to provide experiences leading to an appreciation and understanding of the culture of PNG as well as the individual’s culture, and should strive to prepare students for life in a multi-cultural society.

PNG International Schools

Location (Port Moresby)

School Level Phone Fax Address
Ela Beach was Pre-Grade 6     NOW IEA HQ
Ela Murray Pre-Grade 7 325 2833 325 7925 Box 1137, Boroko
Boroko East (KoroBoro) Pre-Grade 2 325 5037 325 5821 Box 276, Boroko
Korobosea (KoroBoro) Pre and Grade 3-8 325 5358 323 0283 Box 1319, Boroko
Dame Mary Kekedo Prep-Grade 8 311 2304 311 2301 Box 1825, Boroko
Gordon Prep-Grade 7 325 4088 325 6969 Box 1825, Boroko
Port Moresby High Grade 7-12 325 3166 325 4439 Box 276, Boroko
St Joseph's (Non IEA) Grades ? -- ? 325 3733 325 3237 Box ?,

Location (Lae)

School Level Phone Fax Address
Coronation College Grade 7-12 472 1011 4722 6098 Box 2989, Lae
Bulae Pre-Grade 5 472 2326 472 3485 Box 2130, Lae
Okari Grade 6-12 472 3944 472 2394 Box 2130, Lae

Location (Coastal / Islands)

School Level Phone Fax Address
Alotau Pre-Grade 8 641 1078 641 1627 Box 154, Alotau
Kimbe Pre-Grade 8 983 5078 983 5579 Box 307, Kimbe
Lihir Pre-Grade 6 986 4233 986 4234 C/-Box 380, Kavieng
Madang Pre-Grade 7 852 2472 852 2978 Box 306, Madang
Popondetta Pre-Grade 7 329 7180 329 7208 Box 10, Popondetta
Rabaul Pre-Grade 8 982 8770 982 8770 Box 855, Rabaul
located in Takubar, Kokopo
Vanimo Pre-Grade 8 857 1764 875 1110
Kamarau (Buka)   973 9033 973 9033 Box 224, Buka
Wewak Pre-Grade 6 856 3865 856 2172 Box 354, Wewak

Location (Highlands)

School Level Phone Fax Address
Banz Prep-Grade 6 325 3814 325 8193 C/-Box 6974, Boroko
Goroka Pre-Grade 10 732 1452 732 2146 Box 845, Goroka
Kundiawa Prep-Grade 8 735 1263 735 1287 Box 165, Kundiawa
Kiunga Prep-Grade 6 548 1110 548 1053 Box 109, Kiunga
Mendi Pre-Grade 6 549 1121 549 1362 Box 57, Mendi
Mt. Hagen Pre-Grade 12 542 1964 542 1840 Box 945, Mt. Hagen
Porgera (rugby) Pre-Grade 10 547 8911 547 8911 Box 101, Porgera
Tabubil (School Site) Prep-Grade 6 548 9233 548 9641 Box 408, Tabubil

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