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Lae International Schools

Coronation College International School

Coronation College caters for students in Pre school to Grade 12 and also caters to TAFE. The school caters largely for Papua New Guinean students to provide a high quality education.

Classes are of mixed ability and the school has a strong emphasis on child-centred learning. Coronation College has a proud record of academic success and consistently performs well in Grade 8, 10 & 12 examinations.

Chairperson of Coronation College, Mr Elliot Harding is aware that some parents may be concerned about school fee increases. He assures parents that the modest five per cent increase is necessary to ensure the maintenance of educational standards.

TISOL - The International School of Lae

The International School of Lae, is a school community characterised by concern for high quality international education.

The International School of Lae caters for around 290 students from Busy Bees (an early entry program) through to Grade 12. The student body is made up of around two thirds expatriate students and one third citizen students. Of these, around 10 per cent pay their own fees with the remainder being paid by the family's main employer.

At present there are 25 nationalities represented at TISOL. The school has around 42 staff, of whom 25 are teachers. There are currently teachers from Australia, England, Papua New Guinea, Canada and USA.

At TISOL multigrade classes have been used for many years. This structure facilitates ease of class organisation allowing for the transient population of Lae. It is also in line with the school philosophy of child centred education.

Within the group of classes the teachers work collaboratively to plan, assess and manage. In this way the same program or strategies can be followed in each class and the workload can be a shared commitment which promotes collegiality. Each class in junior Grades has a classroom assistant to help with preparation.


Check out the TISOL website - Opened in 2005 -

Lae schools offer a boarding house for Grades 7-12.


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