Tasiana's 7th Birthday
via Papua New Guinea
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For my seventh birthday my dad was able to come and visit us at Goroka. My brother Simulai in Melbourne and my brother Gadoeno in Port Moresby were not able to attend due to school commitments. Last year I was able to celebrated my birthday with my brother in Australia but this year I had no such luck.

My dad flew to Goroka on the day before my birthday so he could organise a few cakes and a bicycle for me. He also helped with a few other things.

The cake for school was exactly the same size as the one shown below but it was only a sponge cake but it was still very, very nice. The cake for home was a black forest cake with fresh Goroka strawberries on top.

My cake. I had a special one for home (shown above) and I was also lucky enough to have another one for school - Goroka International School.- The kids at school managed to eat that one before my dad was able to get a photo of it.

Tasiana and her new bicycle wearing her Goroka International School sports T Shirt<

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Created 21 Oct, 2003
Updated 30 Oct, 2005

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