Air Niugini's Fokker F100 fleet
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Air Niugini - Fokker F100 Fleet

Air Niugini took delivery of a Fokker F100 wet leased from Alliance in Australia on the 28th of June 2004.

Registration Details




Arrived in Port Moresby on the 28th of June 2004 for a three month period. Leased from Alliance Airlines Australia

Due to the unavailability of F100 P2-ANB this plane - VH-FWH - arrived back in PNG in early December 2004 but this time painted in Air Niugini colours.



Painted in Air Niugini colours (Ex VH-FKE)

Captain Mike Rosier along with Alliance Training Captain Ian Lesch operated the 1st revenue service -- PX091 from Cairns to Port Moresby on Monday morning the 27th of September.

For those interested Captain Geoff Hartnett and First Officer Tim Sheen carried out the ferry flight to position P2-ANA from Brisbane to Cairns on Sunday the 26th of September.

The first operation by an all Air Niugini crew was on Saturday the 9th of October operated by Capt Barry Huff (Training and Check Captain) and First Officer Tau Ugava.

Air Niugini commenced services into Mount Hagen, Rabaul (Tokua) and Hoskins on Monday the 6th of December. Capt Barry Huff and First Officer Tim Sheen operated the first service to Mount Hagen and Capt Mike Rosier and First Officer Mike Perry operated the first flight to Hoskins / Tokua.

Operating weight = 58,645 pounds / 26601 Kilograms

Maximum Take of Weight = 98,000 pounds / 44,450 Kilograms

Thanks to Capt. Mike Rosier of Air Niugini for most of the information on this aircraft. (More Photographs by Capt. Rosier)

1st F100 service to Lorengau, Manus was operated by Capt. Moses Padigaga and FO Mike Perry on 07 Dec. 2005

This plane was withdrawn from service during 2006 due to a mercury spill.



Here is an update from Captain Mike Rosier of Air Niugini

an update for your site and I will take some photo's next time I fly ANB .

for info - this F100 -- P2 - ANB [ s/n 11349 ] enters service with Air Niugini approx 6 months behind schedule due to the very late delivery from the leasing company .

ANB arrived in POM [ AYPY ] from BNE [ YBBN ] on Sunday morning 15 May 2005 at 2.30 am .
The tech. crew were Training & Check Capt's Barry Huf and Mike Rosier

1st revenue service was on the same day POM to CNS [ YBCS ] PX090 crewed by Capt. Samiu Taufa and FO Sosola [ sox ] Gaegae .

cheers mike...

1st F100 service Gurney was operated by Capt Moses Padigaga & Capt Barry Huff on 13 Dec. 2005
1st F100 service to Kavieng was operated by Capt Padigaga & Capt Chris Mileng on 08  Jan. 2006
1st F100 service to Honiara was operated by Capt Chris Mileng and Capt L. Koyama on 16 Jan 2006

P2-ANB -- First flight to Buka (BUA) 18th of May 2006
(foto thanks to PX F/O Paul Boga)

This plane has been returned to Alliance in Australia. - PH-EZB, N887US, VH-FKC




1st commercial flight with Air Niugini was on the 12th of July 2006. Prev - PT-WHL

P2-ANC J (Business Class) Seats




4th Air Niugini Fokker F100 arrived at Jackson's (Port Moresby - PNG) on the 26th July 2006
This plane may replace P2-ANA (F100) in the short term
Prev - PT-MRQ




23 Mar 2007 - delivered

Prev - 9N-AHO



11 Apr 2007 - delivered

Prev - PH-FDI



rumoured to be delivered in 2008?

F100 Country of Origin:- Netherlands

Power plant:- Two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 650-15 turbofans

Performance:- Max cruising speed 845km/h (456 kt), long range cruising speed 737km/h (453 kt). Range with full passenger load approx 2505km (1323nm), Cruising Altitude is 35,000 feet or 11,000 metres.

Weight:- See individual aircraft details above.

Dimension:- Wing span 28.08m (92ft 2in), length 35.53m (116ft 7in), height 8.50m (27ft 11in), wing area 93.5m2 (1006.4 sq ft).

History:- The Fokker 100 is a 100-seat jet airliner based on the successful F28 Fellowship, but stretched and modernised. Fokker announced it was developing the Fokker 100 in November 1983. First flight occurred on November 30 1986, certification was awarded in November 1987 and the first customer service delivery, to Swissair, occurred in 1988.

P2-ANA ready to load passengers at Jackson's International - 8 Oct 2004

F100 at Jackson's (Photo by © 2004 Capt Mike Rosier) - More Photos

Fokker F100 -- P2-ANA at Jackson's Airport

Fokker F100 -- 8 Oct 2004 - P2-ANA

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