Air Niugini's DC3 fleet

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Air Niugini - DC3 Fleet

The first DC-3 (or DST - Douglas Sleeper Transport as it was then known) flew for the first time on 17 Dec 1935.

Number Registrations Notes
9583 VH-MMA, P2-MMA, P2-ANS Ex Ansett
9479 VH-MAB, P2-MAB, P2-ANX Ex Ansett sold as N55894 (derelict Jackson's?)
6108 VH-SBO, P2-SBO, P2-ANT Purchased from TAA
16553 VH-MMD, P2-MMD, P2-ANU Ex Ansett (stored Powerhouse Museum)
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16197 VH-MML, P2-MML, P2-ANV Ex Ansett
15665 VH-SBW, P2-SBW, P2-ANQ Ex TAA - mounted on pole at Jackson's
National Newspaper picture and story
13340 VH-MAT, P2-MAT, P2-ANZ Ex Ansett - was derelict at Nadzab
12873 VH-SBG, P2-SBG, P2-ANP Ex TAA
12647 VH-MAN, P2-MAN, P2-ANY Ex Ansett
12187 VH-SBD, P2-SBD, P2-ANO Ex TAA - Now mounted on pole at Cairns Airport
12056 VH-SBL, P2-SBG, P2-ANP Purchased from TAA
10000 VH-SBB, P2-SBB, P2-ANN Purchased from TAA - First Aircraft to be painted in the original Air Niugini Colours

Pictures of other DC3's (Not operated by Air Niugini)
Airlines of PNG History - Air Niugini History

P2-ANU - Air Niugini - DC3


Two 895kW (1200hp) Pratt & Whitney R1830S1C3G Twin Wasp 14 cylinder twin row radial piston engines driving three blade variable pitch propellers, or two 895kW (1200hp) Wright SGR1820 Cyclone nine cylinder radials.


Max speed 346km/h (187kt), economical cruising speed 266km/h (143kt). Initial rate of climb 1130ft/min. Range with max fuel 2420km (1307nm), range with max payload 563km (305nm).


Typical operating empty 8030kg (17,720lb), max takeoff 12,700kg (28,000lb).


Wing span 28.96m (95ft 0in), length 19.66m (64ft 6in), height 5.16m (16ft 12in). Wing area 91.7m2 (987sq ft).


Flight crew of two. Seating for between 28 and 32 passengers at four abreast or 21 three abreast.



10,655 built in the USA, including 430 for commercial operators prior to US entry to WW2. 2000 or so built in Russia under licence. It is belived that more than 400 remain in service.


It is believed that all DC3's were purchased for AUD$15,000 at the inception of Air Niugini.
(Nov 1 1973 - Air Niugini commenced with 12 DC3's and 4 Fokker F27 aircraft).

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