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The history of Miss Papua New Guinea Red Cross goes back many years however the first time the title of Miss PNG Red Cross was used was just prior to Independecnce in 1974. Miss Charity Queen is also part of the event and the title goes to the person who has raised the most money for Red Cross.

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Miss Eva Arni was the first holder of the title "Miss PNG" ... Eva went on to win the Miss Asia Title in 1975


Miss Eau Suve. Eau went on to win the "Best Traditional Dress" award at the Miss Asia Quest.


Miss Sayah Karukaru


No title awarded in 1977


Miss Angeline Tukana


Miss Milly Misbut


Miss Mispah Alwyn


Miss Jennifer Abaijah


Miss Moi Eli (Miss Ok Tedi)


Miss Shannel Bray


Miss Patricia Mirisa


Miss Carmel Vagi

Miss Communications
(Carmel was jointly sponsored by Post and Telecommunication Corporation and the National Broadcasting Commission)

Miss Boroko Rotary, Mary Ernst took out the Miss Charity Queen title. She also took out the Miss Traditional title.

[ A photo of the 1985 Contestants | Newspaper Cuttings ]


Miss Anna Wild (First winner from the Highlands)


Miss Harriet Warren. She later relinquished the title to Miss Mabel Daure who was the 1st runner-up and Miss Charity Queen


Miss Erue Taunao


Miss Joycelyn Leahy


Miss Nellie Ben (Miss Ok Tedi Mine)


Miss Marcia Muir (Miss PNG Motors)


Miss Jennifer Lemeki (Miss Big Rooster)


Miss Sharon Onsa (City Pharmacy)


Miss Tania Doyle


Miss Imanakone Sioa (Miss NCDC)


Miss Rita Stegman (Miss EMTV)


Miss Lisa Linibi (Miss Coopers and Lybrand


Miss Helai Oala (Miss NCDC)
Cheryl Fernandez was crowned Miss Charity Queen raising K123,429


Miss Roberta Ali (Miss NCDC)


Miss Ephreddie Jubilee (Miss Courts Superstore) She also took out the Miss Charity Queen raising K43,000


Miss Courts Superstore - Miss Olivia Wilson won the title this year.

Miss Milne Bay Red Cross, Cecilia John took out the title of Miss Charity Queen.


Miss Galley Restaurant Yaku Ninich won the title. Katherine Tabuchi, raised more than K77,000 and became the Charity Queen.
Miss Photogenic - Rita Aisi
Miss Friendship - Rita Aisi
Miss People's Choice - Rita Aisi


Miss Cynthia Asi. She also raised over K158,000 to become the Miss Charity Queen. (Miss MRDC)


Ashwin Samson (Miss Warehouse) - Also took out Miss Charity Queen.


Michelle Pala (Miss Porebada Primary School)
Miss Charity Queen - Shirley O'Connor (Miss Boroko Motors).


Miss Coffee - Genevieve Roberts
Tanya Samuel - Miss Datec won the Miss Charity Queen title by raising just under K100,000. A total of K284,823.74 was raised by the contestants for the work of the Red Cross in PNG.

Miss Coffee is a teacher at -- Goroka Grammar School



No contest was held in 2007

Duties of Miss PNG carried out by Genevieve Roberts



No contest in 2008

Duties of Miss PNG carried out by Genevieve Roberts


Seven contestants took part in the Miss PNG and Charity Queen contest held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port Moresby. The seven contestants were Miss University of PNG Antonia Singut, Miss Oro Filma Gadebo, Miss Ox & Palm Brigitte Wase, Miss Granville Motel Christine Kenwai, Miss Simbu Isabel Nopro, Miss Milne Bay Julie Wapi and Miss Goroka Jacqueline Saleu. Two of the entrants, Miss Oro and Miss Goroka, entered the Miss PNG Quest without sponsors but managed with the support of family members, relatives and their local communities.

Miss University of Papua New Guinea, Antonia Singut, took out the title of Miss PNG for 2009. The Miss Charity Queen title went to Brigitte Wase, who entered the quest as Miss Ox & Palm, sponsored by Hugo Canning Company Limited.

Miss PNG - Antonia Singut
Miss PNG Runner-Up - Brigitte Wase
Miss Charity Queen - Brigitte Wase
Miss Charity Runner-Up - Antonia Singut
Miss Friendship - Antonia Singut
Miss Photogenic - Antonia Singut
Miss Patron’s Choice - Julie Wapi

A total of around K90,000 was raised by the contestants for Red Cross


Miss Bank South Pacific, Rachel Sapery James, is Miss PNG for 2010. She is a marine biologist from New Ireland province. 26 year old James has a master’s degree in international studies of aquatic tropical ecology and conservation from a German university. She was also named Miss Humanitarian and Miss Patron’s Choice.



Christine Aiwa - originally from Chimbu, Sepik and Morobe province parentage.



Miss PNG Air Services- 2014 Grace Agatha Nugi

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