My first flight
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After several weeks of theory lesson I had my first flight on the morning of the 11th of March, 2000 at Essendon Airport. One day after my birthday.

Essendon Airport
My dad was able to fly down for my birthday and he stayed on to see this big day in my life. The instructor allowed my dad to inspect the aircraft. Below you can see a photo that shows me checking out all the necessary parts of the plane.

The inspection - Checking the plane
After a very thorough going over of all the procedures we were cleared for takeoff and my dad was able to capture a little tiny speck leaving the runway.

Obligatory Photograph - VH-BTM

That's me! taking off
Eventually everything was checked so it was time to have the official photo taken.

We headed towards Point Cook to put into practice some of the theory I had learned. Due to the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix there was restricted airspace over the Albert Park Circuit. I was lucky enough to be able to see the Acrobatic Roulettes on their way to the Grand Prix. After almost 45 minutes we headed back to Essendon Airport for a safe landing.

I was too busy and too excited to take any photographs whilst I was flying but - next time!

Joy flight in a vintage Tiger Moth at Point Cook Airfield, Victoria, Australia in 2008

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia from the air - 2008

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Created 11 Mar, 2000
Updated 2 Aug, 2008

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