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An aquaduct in Italy [9K]
An aqueduct in Italy

Montesarchio Castle [10K]
Montesarchio Castle ( D'Avalos Castle)

A closer look at Montesarchio Castle [8K]
A closer look at Montesarchio Castle

Montesarchio is one of those places in Italy that you might not think of visiting but I found this region to be visibly steeped in history. Montesarchio is located 18 km south-east of Benevento in the Valle Caudina at the foot of Monte Taburno. (Visit Montesarchio web site in Italian)

Its origins trace back to the eighth century before Christ.

Montesarchio and the surrounding valley boast monuments to every period of history from the pre-Roman times right up until the late Renaissance.

Monetesarchio has regular bus links to Naples, Caserta and Benevento.

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