Money - K100.00 (Note and Coin)

via Papua New Guinea
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The Bank of Papua New Guinea has released a new denomination - a brand new 100 Kina note. This banknote incorporates advanced security features to help protect against counterfeiting.


The note is printed by -- Note Printing Australia Limited -- see also -- -- a very interesting web site.

The features are listed below.


The front of the Banknote contains an Intaglio portrait of the Parliament House and the National Crest symbolising National Unity.


The main feature on the back of the note depicts the transition from the traditional primary economy towards the modern economy encompassing mining, petroleum, tourism, transportation and technology

  • Complex clear window
    • Complex clear window incorportaing a vignette of the logo of the Bank of PNG
  • Shadow Image
    • Shadow image of the bank of PNG which is visible when raised to the light
  • ICE Feature
    • The Bird of Paradise is printed with a red inatglio ink on a highly reflective gold background. The contrast intensity of the red intaglio ink is enhanced when the banknote is tilted
  • Emboss
    • The number 100 is embossed in the secondary clear window
  • Offset
    • Complex security patterns in multiple rainbow offset ink
  • Intaglio
    • Multi-coloured intaglio raised keyline print on the front and back of the banknote
  • Iridin
    • Iridin patch of the Bird of Paradise in full flight is applied on the back of the note providing a change of colour with orientation. They are metal like in that they have a high reflectivity, as in multiple layer interference filters on a camera lens.
  • DOE
    • Image of "PG 100" is visible when viewing through the window towards a point light source
  • Serial Numbers
    • Black serial numbers fluoresce yellow when viewed under UV

PNG Kina to US Dollar Exchange Rate

PNG has also produced a K100 gold coin. The original coin produced in 1975 was made from .900 gold with a gold content of 0.2769 oz of gold. The coin weighs 9.57 grams. 26.4 mm in diameter. !8,000 coind were minted.


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