Sunbury, Victoria, Australia
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In the year, 2000, I moved to Sunbury Victoria, Australia. In fact I am back in Sunbury (2015) working wth the Country Fire Authority. Sunbury is not too far from the Melbourne International Airport at Tullamarine.

In 2000 and 2001 I attended Salesian College, Rupertswood.

This was a whole change of life for me. I had to make new friends. My dad was able to snap one of them heading off to school with me.

Daniel Chitty
Simulai and Daniel Chitty

This is the first time that I have had to wear a tie and a blazer!

Of course the move also meant that I had a whole lot more things to do such as flying lessons, and Aussie Rules football
Aussie Rules at the G
Aussie Rules at the MCG

and the occasional odd job here and there such as car detailing. It also means that I can have a bit of a play and look around Victoria.

Big Foot at Calder
Big Foot at Calder

Front End Loader
Front End Loader

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Created 31 May, 2000
Updated 2 Apr, 2015

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